Caiman House Incorporated (CHI) is a registered Guyanese not-for-profit company, #10,090, that partners with Rupununi Learners Foundation (RLF) (a US 501c3) to support a “social enterprise” approach to environmental conservation, encompassing wildlife research, education, economic development and cultural preservation. Our efforts include:


We bring together the needs, interests and resources — human and material — of participants from both hemispheres. Our ideas, projects and products emerge through a process of continuous dialog and encounter.

Our commitment to an adaptive, dialogic process brings with it a certain way of working with people. Unlike "best practices" and other wisdom aimed at generating replicable projects, this approach is based on the nurture of authentic relationships among unique individuals. Our values are also our conscious, applied ways of working: acceptance, support, trust, compassion, gratitude and love are sensitive instruments that can approach thorny, mutual challenges in development, which we understand as human development, above all.


Caiman House Incorporated


Anthony Roberts, Conservation
Ashley Holland, Ecotourism
Maisie Li, Education & Secretary of the Board
Franzea Roberts, Village Representative
Russian Dorrick, Village Council Representative
Shamir Khan, Wabbani
Oswin Ambrose, Youth Engagement

Rupununi Learners Foundation

Board of Directors

Alice Layton, President of the Board
Lynne Casey, VP
Paul Dinkins, Treasurer