Meet Our Staff

Caiman House aims to provide work opportunities to all interested villagers. We have a rotating roster of 10+ cooks and cook aides, 10+ cleaning crew and 6 experienced guides.

Emmelita Thomas is a wonderful chef (ask for her "cook-up") and loves to teach Macushi words and expressions to guests. 


Delene Lawrence is Manager at Caiman House. Chatty and outgoing, Delene enjoys meeting new people. 

Howard Barnabas is your man for interpreting village life. He's also a superb river guide and fisherman, and the creator of the flowerbeds at Caiman House.

Ramlal "Ram" Roberts is a "natural" at bird guiding and interpretation in addition to being our indispensable handyman.

Juliet Roberts is an apprentice cook. She might tell you about what it's like to grow up female in Yupukari.