Rupununi Learners Foundation


Board of Trustees


Alice Layton - President
Alice Layton worked in publishing and film before completing a Masters in Social Work. As a social worker she has specialized in career counseling with low income people, managing a job training program for men in a maximum security prison and another for women on public assistance. Her first visit to Rupununi schools, in 2001, inspired her to create the Rupununi Learners Foundation and to return to school herself, for a Masters in Library Science. Alice divides her time between her roles as President of the Board and homeschooling mom.

Lynne Casey - Vice President
Lynne Casey is a returned Peace Corps volunteer (Grenada) and stay-at-home mother of two. She is currently working on a Master's degree in Library and Information Science.


Susan Bushnell - Treasurer
Susie is working on a Master's in Library and Information Science at University of Missouri - Columbia, specializing in International Librarianship. She lives in St. Louis with her husband, Sean, enjoys traveling, hockey, and volunteering. She is excited to be a part of Rupununi Learners Foundation and happy to have a use for her undergraduate minor in accounting!

Anne Carr
Anne Carr is a former business owner and mother of two boys. She enjoys city living with her husband, sons, dog, two cats and a lizard. Anne's background is in marketing and communications and she hopes to help Rupununi Learners Foundation grow.


Jeff Huestis
Jeff Huestis served in the Peace Corps in Nepal, returning in recent years on a Fulbright grant. He is now Associate Dean for Technology at the Washington University Libraries, in St. Louis.


Jailall Jairam
Jailall Jairam grew up in Adventure, Essequibo, Guyana and came to St. Louis in 2002 with his then-girlfriend, Kristen Hare. Jai's a construction engineer for the City of Lake Saint Louis, loves reggae music, football (soccer to you yanks,) and hanging out with his wife and son, Max, 14 months.

Kristen Jairam
Kristen Jairam fell in love with Guyana first, then a Guyanese. Kristen is a returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Guyana), a freelance journalist, wife of Jai and mother of Max, 14 months, who looks like his dad but talks like his mom.

Sean Visitainer
While teaching English in Cartagena, Colombia, Sean realized the importance of libraries in the developing world namely, that the people who have the most need for education often have the fewest options to obrain it. He is thrilled to be working for the RLF to this end.

Currently, Sean is a chef and graduate student in the library sciences. He enjoys spending time with his cats, his wife, and many varied - and often silly - pursuits.


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