Craft is where environment meets culture, with the potential to preserve both simultaneously.

That's our aim.

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 Yupukari Crafters was born in 2005 with the initial construction of Caiman House, and blossomed in 2007 when the Guest House was built. 

Every brick began with fetching sand and Rupununi River mud; every piece of furniture with selecting the tree. 

Our side tables and coffee tables are traditional baskets set on "moonwood" frames; our bedsteads are hammock-weaving by local women, our shutters are plaited reeds fetched from nearby marshes...


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Wabbani is a décor company with a social mission to connect remote artisans with customers.

Our products are handmade, culturally-authentic add-ons that fit the exact specifications of IKEA furnishings.

We make a more beautiful world inside and outside: preserving threatened cultures and habitats, supporting artisan livelihoods, and sharing revenue with the maker communities that share their arts with us.

Our goal is to serve as a global platform connecting remote/rural artisans with customers everywhere.